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When you start to work with a copywriter, don’t asssume that your copywriter knows exactly what you want. You need to write short (or not short) an assignment describing what you would like to achieve as a result. Why do you need to do so? In case of disagreement, this document should answer all questions. For example, if you write: «The originality of the text above 99%», then according to the results of which service? Because different online tools may show different results.

How to work with a copywriter

Below we will give two examples of assignments for a copywriter - simple and a little more detailed.

An example of an assignment for copywriter:

In the article, cover the following topics:

So you see very clear task what to do for copywriter. It’s very obvious what you expect as a client.

What general rules should you follow when writing specifications for content writer?

There is no need to strictly regulate the size of the article, for example, 841 words. It's okay to set a range of 400 words.

You don't need to treat copywriting as difficult. There is nothing complicated here. You have determined the average value in the top, found sources for rewriting. And then sent it to a copywriter.

You need to understand that in most cases this will be a rewriting - rewriting other texts so that they are unique for search engines, while responding to user search queries and being useful.

In fact, copyright is when a professional in some topics starts writing an article using only his knowledge. However, such work is much more expensive. There are few of such specialists, and it may not be profitable for you to invest in the creation of such content.

An example of a detailed assignment for a copywriter

Detailed assignment is rarely done and mostly in topics where there is high competition. But, by the way, there is strategy how to find a good copywriter: wite down a detailed (complex) assignment for copywriter. Only if the copywriter has successfully completed it, you are satisfied with the work, then the next task could be simple assignment.

So, an example of a detailed assignment for a copywriter:

In the article, fully disclose the topics:

One of the main differences between a complex and simple technical specification/assignment for a freelancer is that there is a list of words and a list of phrases that should be in the article. It would be right to say, now it does not work as efficiently as a few years ago in SEO, but in any case it helps to promote the article.

Another practical tip:

If the keywords are not in bold, then you will spend a lot of time searching in the text. But don’t do bold on a website’s page. We use bold only to check the correctness of an assignment for copywriter.

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