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We work all across Europe and North America. International seo services is our focus. Feel free to contact us for quote.
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Why SEO is better for business

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Every online business cares about web traffic. If you have website traffic, it means you have business. No web traffic means no business. But how much are you willing to pay for every visitor? This is not an easy question to answer for every owner of online business.


There are dozens of ways to attract visitors to your website, but search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective. SEO works for long-term perspective meaning that ROI of organic traffic seems much better in comparison with paid search. If you pay for ads, you need to pay for every potential customer. Every day! However, if you implemented good SEO practices on your website, you would have new customers every day for many months. Your job would be just maintain good SEO standards on your website.


Best SEO Services Company is a team of professionals from around the globe. Our rich experience includes SEO services for websites in variety of industries, including global online shopping stores and even online casino.
We work completely online from different countries. It gives us knowledge of variety of SEO strategies and techniques in different parts of the world. We use the best SEO practices for you.

Best Search Engine Optimization services

Our Search Engine Optimization services for business

International and Local

SEO consulting

In some cases you don't really need SEO services. For example, you could be good developer and know your site very well. However, you may not understand reasons why your site is not in the top of Google search. Just order SEO consulting session from our digital agency. We take a look for coding of the website and general mistakes and errors. Our SEO recomedations would be in the form of check list. You just need to implement it and in 2-4 weeks you will notice changes. This is very cost effective way, but it requires some technical knowledge from you. In case you don't have technical knowledge, we would be happy to do all required tasks.

SEO audit

Search engines are developing new alghoritms in order to do their job better. This is the main reason why it would be a good idea to conduct SEO audit at least once per year. You need to keep site updated according to the latest requirements of Google, Bing and all important search engines for your market. Brief SEO audit of competitors is also good idea, because you will see great decisions for own website to implement.

Keyword research for SEO

Keyword search is the first step for SEO. Before we build the site, we have to understand how users search for information: specific keywords and terms they use. After that we have to create structure of the website and implement all required SEO procedures. No matter you do keyword research for local SEO or international sales, importance of keyword research cannot be overestimated.

Local SEO

Location matters. If you have local business, local SEO services would be ideal option for you. When all customers are located in particular city, state or county, don't waste money or effort for national promotion of your site. You need to focus on particular area. Our job would be to help you create local SEO strategy – how users search for service or product and how make your site as top result in Google search. Local SEO for small business depends on many factors and we are experts how to do local SEO.

On page SEO

On page SEO optimization often refered as technical SEO. It includes work with coding of your website. Keep in mind that the way you see website isn't the same as search engines see it. Google and other search engines see code. So your site's code should be optimized in order to to be visible for search engines. On page SEO factors may vary depends on goals, but «heavy code» tends to be skipped by Google and will not be ranked in top. Many experts believe high quality technical seo is about 70% of success. Our agency provides technical SEO audit service.

Off page SEO

What is off page SEO? It includes variety of techniques for off page SEO optimization, for example, social networks and high quality link building. Off page is important for ecommerce, Wordpress sites and content promotion.

There are a lot of myths around link building in SEO, but the truth is that the right link on the right site gives credibility to your website. Benefits of link building are enormous for Google ranking. However, the problem is that not many SEO specialists can implement backlinks building effectively, because backlinks building services are just spam. We know how make link building work for you and use backlink building tools effectively without software, cheap techniques, etc. Off page SEO also includes work with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more.

Our examples of how Search Engine Optimization works

SEO case study

BestSeoServices Company’s SEO cases

Affordable seo services company

Cost effective SEO service

We are an international team of professionals who are ready to offer you a full range of SEO services for website promotion in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex search engines. You can order both separate services and SEO packages from us.

international cheap seo service

Why is working with us profitable?

  • We are engaged in all types of affordable SEO services. We strive to bring to your site not just visitors, but potential customers. It doesn't matter if you have a startup, small business or a large online store, the ROI of organic traffic will always be more efficient and cheaper than paid conversions.
  • Well-coordinated team. Each of us is a high-class multidisciplinary specialist who has devoted over 10 years of his life to Internet marketing.
  • We are engaged in SEO of both ready websites and creating sites from scratch.

Why are our SEO services affordable?

We are all remote specialists, We don’t have any cost associated with renting office space and other costs. Thanks to this, we provide you the most attractive and affordable price.

How much does an hour of our work cost?

The cost of an hour of our work starts from 50$.

You pay for a certain number of hours - our specialists solve your problems. You know exactly what you pay for. Every paid hour reflects the type of work we do for your site. You have full control and know exactly that we don’t waste hours and your money.

Full SEO Package

The SEO service package for your website saves time and money

By ordering an SEO package of services, you will save not only money, but also a lot of time. Our highly professional team works together for a long period and we know exactly who does what. We don’t waste your time. We rather achieve impressive results within a short period of time. We provide an affordable SEO package for all types of websites.

By purchasing full seo service, you will be able to achieve the goal of promoting your site much faster, significantly increase conversion and lead generation, quickly recoup the cost of promotion and achieve high Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) rates. Finally, the seo package is much cheaper than buying several services separately. Complete SEO package is the right choice for you.

We implement an integrated step-by-step SEO procedures to grow your business:

  1. SEO audit. During this stage a marketing strategy is formed, the strengths and weaknesses of your site are identified, and a detailed work plan is drawn up. We understand the visibility of your site for search engines and know what efforts need to be done.
  2. SEO keyword research. It helps to understand what users are typing in Google in order to find the information. After keyword research, we know potential structure, content plan, headers and meta tags for your site. All search queries are separated for different groups and pages are created based on keyword research. This step helps to answer the question about content creation for SEO.
  3. Web site structure for SEO. Based on the previous two steps, we propose how to structure a website. It is necessary to plan website structure for web site pages to be shown in high positions in Google.
  4. Internal website optimization. This is what is called technical SEO or on page SEO. Bug fixing is priority, but not only. We make your site perfect for search engines.
  5. Content management for a website. We work with current articles by improving it, for example, writing headings, etc. Another way is creating brand new content, which would be ranked in Google top.
  6. Crawl site. We make sure that all links on your website work perfectly. We fix errors, remove duplicate pages, improve a sitemap. Your website looks fantastic for Google.
  7. Improving site usability, decreasing bounce rates, increasing length of time on the page by users, and optimizing the mobile version of the site. All factors are important and we pay close attention.
  8. External website optimization. Link building or backlinks, crowd marketing, placement of links leading to the site on third-party resources.
  9. Increase conversion rate. There are many ways to increase conversion in sales. Our job is to help you make more money. Even simple techniques may improve conversion rate dramatically.
  10. Further optimization of the site: new pages, updating the site, expanding the structure depends on the client's need. SEO isn’t a goal. SEO is a process of permanent improvements of the website.
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About Best SEO Services team

Our team contains professionals with industry experience in leading IT corporations, great consulting companies and startup founders in the past. Every SEO element is covered by team’s member experience.

We came together, because we understand pain of promoting products and services online. However, knowledge and experience gives us confidence in our SEO services.

Founders of Best SEO Services

Leonid Kurza - co-founder Best SEO Services Company

Leonid Kurza - co-founder Best SEO Services

A proven professional with 10+ years of experience in marketing, including the Internet marketing and SEO. My rich and unique international experience in online projects, including promoting education, legal services, language classes, online games, sport websites and much more in USA, Europe, India, Russia gives me important perspective on marketing and business in the Internet.

I hold two Master Degrees - from The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business in Technology Commercialization and Technology Management from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.

Alex Malov - co-founder Best SEO Services Company


Before Best SEO Services company, my last position was Lead of SEO in international gambling (casino, bookmaker) company. Also I worked as Head of SEO in one of the biggest ecommerce in the Eastern Europe. Working with over 1 million pages in Google index gave me unique experience of building effective automated SEO process.

My background relates to coding. In fact, such background gives me strong basement for deep knowledge of coding, which is required for successful SEO. I’m an expert in on-page SEO and believe that this is key for success.

My rich experience in SEO of sites for variety of industries from lawyers in the United States to science journals give me knowledge what works as the best SEO techniques.

I’m also an author of two fiction books about the Internet and planning my next book.

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