SEO audit of a website: what is inside of a report

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SEO Audit

Search engines are constantly developing. Search engines always aims to improve search results for users in order to show more relevant information, because the better search means more satisfied user. Happy user means permanent customer, who would always use particular search engine over competitors.

That is why it is necessary to conduct a SEO audit of the site in order to update the site optimization for fresh updates of search engine algorithms. In addition to the SEO audit of its own website, good idea would be to conduct audit of successful competitors.

What is SEO audit?

SEO audit is an analysis and assessment of the site's compliance with the requirements of search engines. If the site meets all requirements, it will be able to attract and retain the maximum of targeted visitors from search engines.

In order to conduct effective SEO audit, each site should be considered individually taking into considerarion general patterns that are relevant to all search engines. For instance, requirements of search engine optimization maybe in conflict with improving usability and user experience.

Finding the best solution that satisfies both SEO and marketing goals is possible only based on deep analysis of a particular business.

In addition, it is great idea to conduct SEO audit at least once a year to assess the current state of the site. It helps to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy as well as promotion channels, traffic growth and identify disadvantages.

When carrying out SEO audit, all factors are taken into consideration, for example, the relevance of content, the quality of traffic and other parameters, such as code and marketing strategy.

What is included in SEO audit?

Assessment of competitiveness

In order to identify the way of promotion that suits your goals, competitor analysis is made. By studying the needs and volume of the target audience, you can calculate the demand for a site’s product or service. Thanks to the assessment of competitiveness, the current state of your site is revealed, and further directions of development are found.

Content analysis

The main factor that attracts the attention of site visitors is its content, and therefore it must meet a number of criteria. Not only the structure of the texts is important, but also the usefulness, relevance and optimization for keywords. SEO audit reveals the quality and relevance of the content presented on your site.


Or, in other words, the convenience of your site for the users and clients of your goods or services. The visitor should not experience any difficulties when visiting your resource. Experience of using your site should be convenient. Otherwise, the bounce rate will increase, leading to a decrease in the site's search engine rankings. During the usability audit, the convenience of navigation and interface, the structure of the site, the compliance of design solutions with marketing tasks of the site are checked. We identify the reasons for the increase in bounce rates.

Analysis of Search Engine Optimization

During the SEO optimization audit, we check how pages are indexing (robots.txt, sitemap.xml), internal and external links, markup, keywords and other parameters of the site's compliance with the requirements of search engines. Thanks to the audit, you can identify the weaknesses of the site that prevent it from taking top positions in search results.

Technical audit

It is the impeccable technical side of the site that ensures its efficient operation. Software bugs can significantly reduce traffic. At this stage, the program code, download speed, layout, hosting, adaptability, operability and much more factors are checked. Site audit can be carried out both comprehensively and according to specific parameters, depending on the client's needs.

Having performed a seo audit, you can determine futher development paths that will allow your site to appear on the first page of search results. Consider SEO audit as well done instructions on improving your site:

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